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The biennial conference on “EScience: Global Challenges, Global Collaboration” (ES:GC2) brings together scientists, high-level government officials, policy-makers and industry representatives from six continents, to explore the role of science and research collaboration in addressing global challenges. The event has several key elements including plenary sessions, scientific and technical seminars, consortium building meetings, and accompanying social events.

The first edition of the ES:GC2 conference took place on 4-8 March 2013, at the European Parliament in Brussels and was convened by ISC - Intelligence in Science, in association with the Irish Council Presidency and in conjunction with Mr Sean Kelly MEP as well as other Members of the European Parliament. The conference engaged over 1,000 delegates from 82 nations, including 27 science Ministers, and placed EU research at the centre of the international response to global challenges.

ISC is now advancing preparations for the next ES:GC2 conference, scheduled to take place on 2-6 March 2015 in Brussels. Building on its predecessor, ES:GC2 2015 will advance policy options for science to address global societal challenges as well as support the global research networks needed to facilitate collaborative science. The registrations for the conference are now open, and the draft programme is available. For more information on ES:GC2 2015, please click here. diseño web valencia


ISC also organizes related smaller seminars in Europe and globally, as a part of the GCS series of events. These are thematic events, which focus on more regional approach to science and research collaboration in addressing global challenges. To learn more about GSC events, please click here