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ES:GC2 2013

You are here : ES:GC2 2013 / Thursday, 7 March 2013


9:00AM – 12:00AM    Workshop to Discuss the Draft AERAP Framework Programme for Cooperation - Part II

9:00AM – 10:30AM   Women in Aerospace - Europe Brussels Chapter

9:00AM – 12:00PM   Global Challenges and Global Collaboration in Assistive Technologies

9:00AM – 12:00PM   Cyber Security - Beyond Defensive Technologies to Resilience

9:30AM – 12:30AM   Communicating Science - How to Translate Science and Technical Issues for Policymakers

10:00AM – 10:30AM    EPO Drop-in Session: Patents and Space Technology

10:00AM – 12:00PM   Worldwide Implementation of the 3Rs in Regulatory Toxicology - What are the Leadership Challenges and Opportunities?

11:00AM – 1:00PM   Standards as a Driver of Innovation

12:30PM – 1:00PM    EPO Drop-in Session: Patent Information

1:00PM – 3:00PM   New Regulatory Science in System Toxicology: Is an Update Needed, What Would Be the Critical Elements and by When?

1:30PM – 3:00PM   Data Protection in an Era of Big Data

2:00PM – 3:30PM    US Science Policy

2:00PM – 4:00PM   Workshop: People-centered assistive technologies & inclusive design

2:00PM – 4:00PM   Conference Conclusions

2:00PM – 5:30PM    High-level Conference on 'Promoting Africa-EU Research Infrastructure Partnerships'

3:00PM – 3:30PM    EPO Drop-in Session: Patents and Space Technology

3:00PM – 5:00PM   Smart Cities of the Future - How to Make Efficient Cities for Socially Responsible Competitiveness  

4:00PM – 6:00PM   New Business Models in Personalised Health Care

5:00PM – 6:30PM   Hippocratic Innovation - What’s the ‘next Next’?