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TSF in Rome: EU-US Science Cooperation

The United States and European Union formalized their cooperation in the field of science in technology in 1998 when they signed the EU-US Science and Technology Agreement. It has since been renewed  twice (in 2004 and 2009) and have proved to be a key instrument in expanding transatlantic science cooperation. The agreement, which desires “to establish a formal basis for cooperation in scientific and technological research which will extend and strengthen the conduct of cooperative activities in areas of common interest and encourage the application of the results of such cooperation to their economic and social benefit,” works in collaboration with the European Research Framework Programmes which provide funding opportunities for transnational collaboration.

The 7th Framework Programme (2007-2013) alone saw around 250 instances of US participation, and this is only expected to increase as the next Framework Programme, Horizon 2020, begins in 2014 and ends in 2020. The TSF will analyse the impact the TTIP agreement would have on further enabling EU and US science cooperation. The benefits of this agreement will be discussed in the context of the Italian research community at the TSF in Rome meeting on 10 January in anticipation for the Italian EU Presidency beginning in July 2014.

Date: 10 January 2014 

Time: 10:00-12:00

Where: APRE - Agenzia per la Promozione della Ricerca Europea, Via Cavour, 71 - 00184 Roma


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